Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Singer: How it All Gets Started

     I work at a typical retail clothing store.
     Half of our clothes come in used, half of them in new.
     I'm also an avid impulse buyer.

     For my 21st birthday I received a Singer sewing machine.  It's not fancy, but it does the simple things that I've been too lazy to do by hand.  Going through my closet, I have so much used clothing that I've worn once (hey, it's cheap, and I'm too impulsive not to buy cute things) and then let go to waste. I'm slowly working through my collection and combining/altering items to make things that I could wear more often.

     My personal taste is always changing, so I like to reuse old things.
     I'm also ridiculously broke most of the time.

     As I teach myself to sew, I'll be posting my project results on this blog.  Follow me as I attempt to stretch my closet into something that's a little more than one-use.

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