Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Project: Vintage Sleevless Shirt

     Another project inspired by  I can't really think of it as anything else.  I had bought this simple floral western-style shirt from work, and it was cute, but it was a men's shirt.  Too big.  Pulled in the sleeves and trimmed up the bottom for a vintage-ey feel.

     Like how it turned out, but the sleeves are definitely uneven.  I notice, but who else would? 

     Can you tell I'm looking forward to spring?  All these cute little tops and dresses and it's only barely above 40 here. 


  1. There are some fantastic men's shirts about with great patterns on - I'm always tempted to just buy them anyway and get them altered :P Will have to borrow my mum's sewing machine...and learn how to use it... you're definitely an inspiration :D

    1. Ah, forgot to include this in the post but here's the inspiration:

      I saw the picture and just jumped in feet-first, which is probably what caused the muck-up with the sleeves.

      And it means a lot to hear you're inspired! I'll buy clothes just because of the great patterns and I've slowly been figuring out what I want to do with them... and plowing head first into it.