Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Project: Bustier Top

     While I enjoy re-using things, sometimes you come across ideas that are just too good to pass up.  Another browse brought me to this pattern for a simple bustier top, made from fabric and an old strapless bra.  YES.  Now I have a use for that stupid beige thing.

     I picked up some fabric at the fabric store, and went to work.  I opted for an orange and beige floral that was slightly sheer (I like sheer, ok?).  While the instructions said to find something in a jersey fabric, the stuff that I found was kind of lame.  Got this instead.  I had to go through a couple attempts to get it right, and this was the longest project to date.  Boyfriend knows this first hand by how many times I cursed at the sewing machine.

     Really happy with the final result.  It looks best by itself, but it can work with a cardigan.  Only issue is wrestling the thing on.  Still waiting for warm weather to pull this one out.  Or maybe date night.

     I keep looking at the spelling of 'bustier' and thinking "that has to be wrong".  If it is, Google won't tell me so, and I think that it's appropriate for how the final product sits on my body. (Wink.)

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