Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Project: Choir Dress

     Up until this semester I've been in choir my whole college career.  I dropped it (issues, drama, you know, the normal reasons why girls duck out of otherwise enjoyable activities) and I had this horrid dress left over.  I always liked simple sheath dresses, but this one was different.  Floor length.  Two sizes too big.  I looked like a nun in a garbage bag.  Redeeming qualities?  Well, it fit my tits, and had a nice neckline.  So I brought it up a bit and fixed up the waistline.

     Creds to Sheena for the creeps.

     Anyway, I tie a sash around the middle just because.  But who doesn't love their own little black dress?  You can't tell from this picture, but the bottom has two layers to it: a sheer black one over a silk under-thing.  (Because eff technical terms).  I cut the under-thing butt-short (ish) and then the sheer just floats on top.  

     Worn it out a couple times, good reviews.  Starting to feel more confident in my sewing abilities.  First time I sewed something with a truly straight and even hem (yay!).

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